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You left out one thing

Those Socialists you want to include represent the stupid, limited capacity members of society who haven't yet realized that it didn't work in the Soviet Union, it didn't work in China, it hasn't worked in Cuba or North Korea, and Europe is finally waking up to the fact that it isn't working there.

You cannot guarantee a quality of life for the poor while removing incentives to succeed from society: Soon, everyone stops trying to better their financial situation. The poor don't need to, and no one else has any reason to, because the governmnet simply takes it away.

That's when everything collapses.

BTW, if you want to dictate what workers make and what CEOs make, I'd suggest that you pick a corporation and become a majority shareholder, because other than that, it's absolutely none of your business.

Then again, if you're a Socialist, your plan is to change that, I'm sure. You should mentally prepare yourself for dashed hopes and broken dreams.


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