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Let's really consider some facts

I think the point of the article is that why a pay increase now when they can't run an efficient government, don’t provide enough services and when everyone is hurting. Whether the Council members want to admit it or not we have an entire community of hurting people. The focus should be on the community needs.

Ok so the population increased what part of their work increased? The majority of their work is done by town staff and the town manager who spoon feeds them the information. Sure they may go to another committee or two but that is it. Not to mention the fact that as someone else previously stated they eliminated some hard working employees because of the economy. Also less than two years ago they froze positions and had their town employees scrubbing toilets because of money issues. Tell me this what kind of real analysis did they did when they looked at these other towns? Was it population alone or did they simply look at dollar amounts. Did they look at where they were located? Did they look at the number of town staff? Did they look at their missions? Did they look at their programs? Did they look at how much funding they had from other places? Did they look at how they arrived at the numbers they used? Did they look at average salary and the cost of living? Did they look at what was cut for them to arrive at that salary? What real justification did they do other than to say this is what other towns are doing?

It’s amazing, that when it comes to doing progressive things for the town Council wants to sit back and say “This is Leland, not Wilmington or any other place” but when they want taxpayer money they justify it by comparing what other towns are doing.


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