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I, too, have been a supporter UNTIL...

I found out what really happended and it has broken my heart. I have had three children go through THS and have always felt they were safe and well cared for. However, when a substitute doesn't do what's supposed to be done and the Principal doesn't find it important enough to handle, it's disappointing. Especially when a child was in danger. Days, weeks went by. If it was about an athletic event, band concert, or something these white country club wannabe's find important, it would have been addressed. But, The Skipper, as you all call him, chose to do nothing. I hear all of you being upset because your well-off kids are SO disappointed that their Principal (or "Principle" as the one calling others uneducated wrote) is not there and how that's just SO devastating. But, what if your child was left ignored and could have been seriously injured or worse. You would think he would care enough to just ask the staff what happended. Have you ever wondered if he only "served" those of you who believe you're calling the shots anyway? Ask around. Better yet, ask Skipper what happened. Or, are you afraid to know the truth. Moral of the story... know what you are talking about before you embarrass the rest of us parents with your misguided confidence. Just hush about it or talk with your legislators about the confidentiality of school staff issues. Anyone with any sense knows not to yell at a local official for following laws made at state and federal levels. The more I write, the more embarrassed I am about the possibility of being linked up with you all. Instead of acting like a bully in front of my children, I'm going to use this opportunity to discuss with them how we all need to be accountable for our actions...whether we get caught or not. PS...wouldn't it be crazy if THS wasn't such an academically strong school since the parent involvment and income ranges are stronger than others??? Sadly, modeling how to bully has just as much impact on our kids, but in the other direction.


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