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What can the "State" do to make roads safer?

You are kidding right? You ask, "What can the state do to make the roads safer?" Do you mean, safer for people that refuse to make themselves even "somewhat visible" in 55 mph traffic while on skateboards and bicycles at night, in the dark? OK, here we go...Let's have the state mandate the use of and supply flashing beacons to the night riders as part of a new entitlement program and make new criminal laws to enforce their use. How about a national requirement for every motorized vehicle to have an active heads-up night vision display that is IR capable? we go, let's have the state install pop-up car barriers that pop up to stop cars just after a skateboard passes over it. I can think of an endless list of things the "state" can do. Then, we can approach the problem of what the state can do to Walmart parking lots so that the elderly won't trip over the parking barriers. Then another state program to prevent armed robberies at convenience stores.

Geeez, at your age you should know that you just can't engineer against sheer stupidity and neglect of common sense. There are just some things that human beings have to acccept responsibility for in this world. Always will be. That's why we have the Darwin files.


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