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You want to bring jobs and

You want to bring jobs and improve the city? Expanding "greenspace" will not bring jobs, Bill. We do not need any more services from the City and actually need to cut quite a few. You complain the City needs more money and all the while spend more and more. It is ridiculous that a city this small is the 5th highest taxed in the State. The problem is not that the City doesn't have enough money. The problem is you spend way too much. It is simple, anything that involves spending taxpayer money, don't do it. Sell Inland Greens, sell the convention center, abolish the CFPUA. All HORRIBLE ideas. It is a shame that we can't get any better a candidate to run against you because you obviously do not understand that government spending does not create jobs. You and your cronie Padgett need to go to our local University and take some Economics classes because neither of you have a clue. Tonight's results are not a mandate for you two to continue raising taxes, raising fees, and flushing our hardearned tax moneydown the toilet. In your case you had a weak opponent and in her case there were too many candidates which watered down the opposition vote. The result is that we are stuck with you two for another term. Just try not to bankrupt the City and remember that low taxes, low fees,and low regulation will attract more business and jobs, not selective incentives paid with taxpayer money.


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