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Shafted Employees

If they don't even take care of their own (city) employees, why should they be expected to care about jobs for anyone else?

No raises in 3 years (with twice as much work), employee medical costs increased by leaps and bounds, contributions to 401(k) cut in half, no recognition of employees marking 5, 10, 15 and more years employment. That's only a few of the many ways employees continue to be shafted because these policians have their own agendas. This was the least "employee friendly" council that the city has ever had.

I wish I could feel optimitic that some of the new council will try to show city employees that they care about us, but it seems they all turn out about the same. They put through their own agendas, get city employees to act on it, and then shaft the employees in salaries and benefits as much as possible. But hey, at least we have a job, right? At least that's the propoganda they keep telling us to convince us to settle for less.


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