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My point is that everyone is

My point is that everyone is suffering. At this point, I'm simply thankful to have a job when there are so many unemployed people who would love to take my place. I'm not going to go around complaining about not getting raises or having my benefits cut. My employer is doing what he can to keep his remaining employees working in a bad economy.

When the entire economy is in recession, having government employees complain about not getting raises is offensive. Taxpayers, the people who pay your salary and benefits, generally aren't getting raises either. Many business owners are making LESS money than they did a few years ago (at least your salary hasn't decreased). About 10% of the population is unemployed, and along with that, don't have any of the employee benefits you're complaining about being cut for you.

Yet, you'd ask all these taxpayers to pay to give you raises, when they're dealing with the same economic problems as you are. The city's problems are symptomatic of the economy in general. When the citizens are suffering financially, the city's coffers (and your compensation) will suffer as well.

But feel free to voice your frustrations. For now, you complaints will probably fall on deaf ears.


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