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I got your point the first time. You didn't have to repeat it. But you apparently didn't get mine, because you never mentioned how we empty your trash and protect your life and property and have to put up with the same disrespect you're throwing at me now.

So, from now on, when your trash isn’t picked up, or your house is on fire or flooding, or you get robbed… your employer. Since he’s so wonderful, I’m sure he won’t mind coming to your rescue.

You work for a small company; I work for a whole city. I’ve done jobs for the city you wouldn’t even consider doing because you would think it was beneath you. And I still have to smile and nod and say, “yes, sir” while you’re cursing at me and calling me a Nazi. Because this is the only option I have to take care of my family.

I’ll tell you what’s offensive. Paying a worker so low that they have to draw food stamps to feed their families. Raising the rates on health insurance so high that some workers have to drop their insurance because they have to choose between health insurance and their kids being able to have a roof over their heads. Companies brainwashing employees into believing they can’t afford to give them an increase because of “the economy” when they seem to be able to find money for all the programs THEY want to accomplish.

I didn’t hear you yelling and screaming when the county gave their employees a 1% increase. Where was your indignation then? If the county can give their employees an increase, why is it wrong for me to want the same? I’m a taxpayer too, so I helped pay for those raises for county employees.

We’re human beings too, with families just like you, struggling just like you. Are your kids getting a Christmas this year? I bet they are. So you can’t be struggling too awful bad. That’s not the case for a lot of us who are one step away from being thrown out on the street. It must be wonderful to be so self righteous and self assured.

But, like you said, it’s all falling on deaf ears.


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