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Does anyone wonder why he wasn't indicted?

It's because he broke no law.

The Commies at NPR did a pretty good job explaining why he wasn't charged. The law is evidently very structured regarding levels of responsibility required to notify police. I was struck with the impression that the law may have been written specifically as a result of abuses and coverups within the Catholic Church. It sounds as if a priest would be under no legal obligation to report sexual abuse by another priest, but a bishop or cardinal would. Paterno was not in a position the law would define as a responsible party. He was on an equivalent level with Sandusky, in the eyes of the law.

The second key issue is that while Shultz and Curley were indicted for perjury (a felony), the failure to report is only a misdemeanor. Even if he had broken any laws, if we're going to send coaches to the choppong block for misdemeanors, a lot of good coaches are going to vanish because of their DUI or getting into a fistfight at a bar.

I personally think if he was a younger man, he'd be sticking around....meanwhile, you can shoot Sandusky, for all I care.


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