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Hey Common

again you hit some nails on the head.

Coach Paterno witnessed no illicit activities;and that seems to be universally accepted. He did what he thought was proper. He followed the chain of command; he reported what had been communicated to himto those higher up. Remember, he witnessed nothing; he had second hand information. And let's not forget, Sandusky was retired, and not on the Penn State staff, at that time. Should he have confronted Sandusky directly? Should he have gone to the Police? Hindsight indicates yes. But it's pretty easy yo be a Monday Morning quarterback.

I'm puzzled though, why so many are overlooking the Grad Assistant, or Assistant Coach, who actually witnessed Sandusky in the act with a 10 year old. He walked by or into the shower room and saw what was going on. And did nothing. He could have confronted Sandusky; he could have at least made a lot of noise which might have brought Sandusky's head out of the clouds; he could have stepped between Sandusky and the 10 year old. He is the one who should be skewered more so than Coach Paterno.

But he's not a big name. But there should be a special day of reckoning for him.

If one were to throw someone under the bus or boil him in oil, this fellow should be at the head of the list; right behind Sandusky.

For Sandusky, assuming he goes to trial and is convicted, there will be a Special reckoning for him here on earth. And barring his repentance, there will be a special place for him in the afterlife.

And why would he not go to trial? Life ending heart attack; suicide. He is 67.

Truly a shameful experience for the now 9 victims who have stepped forward. And a sad way for a great football legend to end his career.

I have to think the actions by the Trustees, in firing him before the Season's end, are motivated by money. They know lawsuits will be filed; they know attorneys are chomping at the bit to represent each of the victims; and they are performing financial triage to soften the financial blows which will be coming.

For the team, Go Lions; and keep your heads up.


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