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Paterno firing

The people posting negative comments obviously don't read the facts. They merely watch T.V and believe what the "Nationl Enquirer" mentality of the media tell them. Paterno's supporters need to band together and protest his firing the same way the media's witch hunt pressured the board to fire him. So far Franco Harris has been the only one brave enough to speak out.
The facts are clear as to Paterno reporting the incident. As to his not following thru... how do we know he didn't continually ask and be told the authorities were handling it. What did you want Paterno to do? Go to the police... the police knew in 1999 and nothing was done then. Child welfare also knew back then and nothing was done. What is Paterno supposed to be...a vigilante? Also if supposedly all these people at Penn State knew about Sandusky then it follows that some of those board members also knew. Of course Paterno is a scapegoat. By the way I don't like football and have never watched a game. I am against injustice and the firing of Paterno reeks of it.


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