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Pitbulls and trainers...Don't buy it

They are an aggressive breed due to their genetic makeup and historical use of the breed. On top of that, they are very powerful, bite to kill and usually do!

The problem IS the DOG! The ONLY thing an owner can do to prevent their pitbulls from murdering other animals and children is to keep them FULLY CONFINED at all times. It is their nature and it's what they were bred to do.

If I owned a chihuahua and it bit the face of a child, that would be the dogs last breath! When a chihuahua bites it leaves a mark. When a pitbull bites, it removes an entire face.

I have no idea why people feel thay need that kind of power walking around in their back yard. It must be a testosterone thing...or lack thereof.

You owners of these killing machines constantly attempt to justify pitbull ownership and nullify their destructive matter how many children are forever maimed or murdered. Absolutely amazing!


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