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No Sympathy

John apparently knew his dogs were dangerous, or he wouldn't have gone to such lengths to have cement floors and a privacy fence with a roof over it. These dogs were waiting for an opening to get out, and they found it.

They could have just as easily attacked a child, instead of another dog. Just because they get along with John's children doesn't mean others are safe. Eventually, they might have even turned on John or his kids. It's happened to others.

If John's vet's office was closed, he could have taken the dog to another vet's office or the animal hospital. But he chose to leave a suffering, dying little dog in his car while he went to a class. That's what really bothers people about this is that he just let this small dog suffer and die in the back of his car while he just went to class. How can anyone be so heartless to do that? How would John feel if he, himself, was injured, torn apart and bleeding, and left to die in agony in the back of someone's car?

I have no sympathy for John. He got this dog knowing it's a dangerous breed. And when the inevitable finally happened, he didn't man up and take the responsibility for that small dog like he should have. He could have been that dog's answer to dying a peaceful, painless death. Instead, he was the poor animal's worst nightmare.

God didn't tell us not to judge others. He said not to judge others UNTIL we remove the speck in our own eyes so that we can judge clearly. It's necessary for us to judge others in order to be able to judge good from evil. John is probably not evil, but he did a bad thing. He needs to man up and take responsibility for it. If anyone ever deserved jail time for cruelty to animals, it's John.


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