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The dog was dead and there

The dog was dead and there was nothing else he could have done. no one knows how long the dog was lying there and NOONE saw what happened, there was nothing else to do. he probably picked up the dog so any of the kids would see it dead. its evident he took responsibility.He brought the dog back otherwise he could have got rid of the dog and denied being there. so he didnt plot anything. he probably knew the vet could not save the dog anyway. im sure he feels horrible and for the name calling it only makes you look like a "piece of crap". If you dont know him personally then do not judge him. until you understand what he was trying to do and know what he was feeling. at least let him tell his side of the story. and for the comparison "what if it were a child". It was not a child it was a dog and you cant compare apples and oranges. A dog is an animal . its that simple. One more thing. It seems also evident that John has a family. For all you sue happy people. What will that solve? the dog is gone. not to sound harsh but we have become people who have lost the sight on the differnce between animals and humans. granted they are part of the family at times and loved but when it comes down to brass tax they are animals and are unpredictable, i myself have been badly bitten by a jack Russle in the face and needed numerous stitches as a child. they all are unpredictable. but a civil lawsuit would only hurt another family and possibly hurt him in a way they he couldnt take care of his own child and put him in a place he shouldnt be. granted it is a terrible circumstance and i feel for The Romano family but it doesnt seem they are in need of money so by them gaining any restitution over this would not bring the dog back. its a sad case and hopefully both parties grow from it and live civil. The Tookers did not want this it seems and in no way acted moliciously in any way. Jail time and restitution seems like it would only work negatively. there is other ways for him to help. time will tell.


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