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People Like Mr. Tooker

It's people like Mr. Tooker that makes it so hard on the rest of the Pitt Bull owners. My Pitt has been raised around 7 cats that he loves and never gets rough with as a matter of fact he does that bit where he looks like he's fleaing them with his teeth..I take him to the dog park and he gets along great with other dogs.....My next door neighbor on the other hand has 2 chows that whenever they are out chase my cats and on 3 different occasions have attack my pitt yet he 's still a gentle dog with other dogs and gets along great with kids but all because of people like you my pitt will pay just because he's a pitt and that is so not fair..what happened was completely your fault and you reacted really didn't try hard enough to get the dog to a vet so you let the poor little dog lay in a strange car all alone and die slowly..How cruel can you be to let that happen. I couldn't live with myself if I did that to anybody's dog.. I love my dog but if he did that to another person's dog I'd do all I could to make it right...


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