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A Great Christian

For years, whenever PaPa Joe's name was mentioned, it was synomious with a great a fundamental backbone, Christian Values, and a no-nosense blue collar, hard working approach. He was a living saint.

Now we find out he is a total FRAUD. It sickens me, to think that this man was preaching "Christian Values",over the last 15 years, while turning a 'blind-eye' to the rape of a child. Never once, in 15 years, did he make any effort to comfort the victim, nor bring the perpurtrator to justice. With his power, and clout, it could have been done with a simple phone call.

Just a few years ago, he did a interview. he presented himself as this humble, honest man, trying to angle in Christian overtones, at every turn.

But his true colors are finally showing. Without even being charged or named in a lawsuit yet, he has already gone and hired the best lawyer he can, to hopefully protect his phony, selfish butt, and his many precious millions off dollars he has acquired, over the years.

Joe Perterno would have been a great Catholic Bishop.


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