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What's hurting downtown business?

3 reasons.

1) Constant bridge closures. Regardless of it happening at night, the decrease of people into downtown equates into less money being spent downtown which equates to less tax dollars going back into the city.

Of course, city officials don't care about this because they don't want bars and restaurants to succeed. Instead, they would like the current holders of liquor licenses to be the only people to have a chance to keep profits instead of allowing new businesses with liquor licenses to get into business and who may do a better job and have better ideas. Let's protect the few, the proud... the lucky who got a liquor license before the crackdown instead of allowing the consumers to decide where they want to frequent.

2) Signs ordinances which restrict all business owners from being able to express and target their consumers. Instead, the City Council wants to force the businesses to lose their identity and customers because some busybodies in control want downtown to feel like the equivalent of something out of the Stepford Wives where everything is the same.

3) The Water/Sewer construction on Third Street not being properly planned and finding out the there are fuel tanks and underground structures which will now keep the project from being finished until September 2012. That's the end of 2012!

So, what's keeping downtown from thriving? City Council has been what is keeping downtown from thriving. They are constantly showing they can't make a sound decision regarding what goes on down there. Once they turn it into a graveyard, they'll decide to move onto screwing up your neck of the woods next. Watch out!


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