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This citizen has been awake

To the ongoing momentum of the New American Socialist Movement taking hold of a large segment of misguided people, who are angry with how they perceive Corporate America.You folks have assembled in front of the wrong place.Go to Raleigh and assemble in front of Bev Perdue's office.She is the last remnant of a Democratic Party that controlled state government for over 100 years and ran the state aground financially with extreme government excesses.Go to D.C and pay homage to the Father of the New American Socialist Movement, whose government excesses have eclipsed all the other American Presidents combined.Corporate America has restrained their investment in America due to the continued unknowns and mandates from an oppressive regime that is not friendly to business.Given the track record of the Occupiers nationwide,you can expect property damage and unlawful behavior.Many downtown Wilmington business' will probably endorse this movement due to the liberal nature of the downtown culture.A majority of the Occupiers are representative of the far-left,secular ideology that is destroying the country.I am not in the top 1% and neither am I apart of your delusional 99%.There will be no gray area between the two polarizing ideologies(conservative vs.liberal)come election time.


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