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I support the occupy

I support the occupy movement and agree they have every right to protest peacefully. Americans need to wake up and realize the only way we can pull ourselves out of this downward spiral is to vote. Yes, vote our way out. We have people in congress who refuse to raise taxes on millionares, billionares, and big corporations. They have signed a contract with a lobbyist by the name of Grover Norquist promising not to raise taxes on these people. Thats how crooked they are. Google's true. But they will cut programs that help the elderly, disabled, veterans, and poor. And they will raise taxes on the middle class.

In the late 90's Newt pushed a bill through congress giving the wealthy huge tax cuts on income earned from investments and other loopholes. As a result, on average, their income has increased by 275% over the last decade. Has yours??

If they close those loopholes, as President Obama has tried to do several times but has been blocked by Congress, the revenue from that alone would bring in more than what comes in from income tax annually.

We need to pay attention to what goes on in Congress, how they are voting. If they aren't working for all Americans...they don't serve another term. Vote someone else in who will. We are 99%!!

And it does make me sick to have people whine about taxing the top 1%. Why shouldn't they pay their taxes like everyone else? Why don't we have lobbyists working for us getting huge tax breaks for the middle class?? Unless you are in the top 1% it does make you look foolish to waste your time defending all the breaks they get.


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