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protesting in the wrong places

How is it all of you "occupy" people think that gathering in front of public buildings is going to bring about change? The only thing you all are doing is causing already cash strapped cities money to have to provide police protection and clean up after you when you leave your mess. If you are angry at the "rich people" then take it out on the rich people where it hurts them, in their pocketbook. Don't like your bank charging higher fees for debit cards, change banks, or better yet, stop using your debit card. Don't like big corporations not paying their fair share of taxes, stop shopping at the walmarts, exxons, apples, etc. It's called a boycott. I personally think it's disgusting that ball players, movie stars and entertainers make millions and millions of dollars, and us regular people are forced to spend an entire paycheck to go and see a movie or a game. Well I don't, I refuse to pay that amount to make rich people richer, I choose to boycott sporting events and movie theaters. Seems to me if everybody stopped paying for these "luxery" items for a couple of months, the richy rich entertainers might realize that they are part of the problem. Then again, if you are stupid enough to pay $15 to see a movie,$100 to see a football game, $20 to buy a CD/DVD, you are probably one of the ones that bought a house that you knew you couldn't afford to pay for, and are now whining because your house is being taken away from you by the bank..


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