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nice people

I went down town last night or this morning at 4;30
and when i showed up there , the people who were there were nice people , they all had concerns on whats going on!! not just in wall=st but here in our state ? like one guy was talking about our gas tax, we pay the highest tax in the south ,, at 58 % on a dollar , and that we have a port here in wilmington that the gas come in , and gets shiped out all over the south and in our state ,but yet its cheaper in 'raleigh' then in wilmington , then there a guy who was talking about money going out of the country every week to mexico ,,this is what came up ! if they can tax us on gas, that much why cant they tax money going out of the counrty to mexico , i did add this ,, it would help us out, on taxing that money and that could help out the roads and schools , when you hear its time to wake up ,thats someof what theretrying to tell you wake up,,, look i have gone down there and talk to some !!! there not stupit , or dum ..they hold a degree ,some own businesses, and they work hard , and go to school, to be come something , but here are a few things thay all have in common ,, they pay there tax, and there standing up for there rights ,,and people who sit back and crip and get mad at them for what there trying to stand for are hyprocites


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