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Support Your Local Retailers

One way to help our local economy this Holiday Season is when posible to buy from local retailers. Think of a gift card for a favorite restaurant, hair salon, coffee shop, etc.

Getting back to one of our Wall Street problems I'd like to make sure that the "too big to fail" problem isn't looming again. We have fewer Big Banks now and am afraid we will be at their mercy. Still they are losing millions. Did you hear that 2 top CEO's at Fannie & Freddy who each have 900,000.00 a year salaries also each got a 2 million dollar bonus this year!! And they are still wanting money from the!

BTW: Why is Congress trying to take away our United States Postal Service? It does not cost tax payers a dime. It pays for itself and is a service that has worked for America. Why take it away and put fellow Americans out of jobs? We need to write or e-mail our representative in congress and tell them to leave the USPS alone.

Something tells me if they do away with it lots of Americans will lose jobs but some big business will take over & make lots of money.
There has to be profit for someone or they wouldn't waste their time.
Don't let this happen!!


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