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Bush Tax Cuts

Yesterday 24 of the top 1% went to Capital Hill and asked Congress to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. You can Google it and read the details if you haven't already. If they listen, and let them expire it would be a start on helping to fix our problems. Then they could cut off the Wall Street Lobbyists & kick Norquist out of the country. He doesn't believe in the Constitution let him find another country. Our government bailed out the banks and they still want more money. They need to be restructured and regulated. Most of the greedy gobble-ups at the top, including the ones who have wormed their way into Capitol Hill, need to be shown the door. That will be the only way to really get us back on the path to a stronger America.

To the 24 who went to Capitol Hill yesterday & the Occupy people you make me proud to be an American!!


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