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It is true private corporations and citizen pay taxes to fund the operation of goverment. The alternative is to pay for the services recieved directly. We often overlook the benefits of living in a modern world and forget the cost of living in a thriving commuity. When you need help in the middle of the night or the water isn't flowing from the tap you call a "Public Sector" worker. After a storm when trees are blocking your street or your street is flooded you call a "Public Sector" worker. When a "Private Sector" employee drives to work or their company ships/receives materials it is over a street network designed and maitained by "Public Sector" workers. When thngs are going bad and infrastructure failures are creating difficulties "Public Sector" worker take the blame. What effect have the city staff reductions had for most of us. I haven't seen any reduction of services, emergencies are handled, firemen still respond, traffic signal function, garbage is collected, potholes filled and streetlights illuminate are nights. Someone is picking up the slack. Is it possible the "lazy gub-mint" workers that are the butt of everyones jokes are actually conscientious, dedicated workers who are doing their job for more than just financial compensation.
Back to the origanal topic, goverments depend on taxes from private corporations and citizens- some of whom are also goverment employees- and private citizen and corporations depend on the services and infrastructure provide by goverment. It is a 2 way street.


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