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No Christmas?

Because you received a bonus, your kids can now have a Christmas? Or they can't have a Christmas because you have to pay your property taxes?

Wow. A lot of unverified, anonymous drama here. The problem with idiotic statements of this order is that we have no way of verifying how you handle your money to begin with. Do you smoke, drink, have the latest 4G iphone? What things do you waste your money on that you couldn't afford a some type of holiday present for your kid? Is it eating out two or three times a week?

A lot of people make a lot of money, but can't manage it. There are those that make next to nothing, but could afford to buy their kids a Christmas present. Before you get on here and whine about what a 1000 dollars would do for you, I suggest you get a handle on your finances. Maybe take a look at priorities...many in our society have confused wants with needs.

Still, I do agree that the bonus is probably in order for those employees...I know they do work hard for what they earn, and for those that work in the private sector, there are lots of personal standards for public employees that you don't have to meet. DUI, fired. Urinalysis..random...test positive, fired. This list goes on...

Regardless of the peanut gallery comments, it did take a little bit of leadership and guts for the council to approve this, knowing what the internet vultures were going to scream about. (That's a pretty small number anyway.)


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