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Where I work, we are awarded bonuses based on our longevity at the job and the proformance, and what we brought to the table for our business in the past year. I am very blessed to have such a job, and I am inspired to do more because it benefits my company and my family.

I find it difficult to believe that $1000.00 would be given out unilaterally based on being "full time" only. That means that the employees that work hard, give input, strive to make the difference get exactly the same as an employee who slacks off, could care less except for the paycheck, and doesn't appreciate the opportunity they have. Believe me, these people work for the City of Wilmington, just like they do for any corporation! If I was a go-getter and worked for the city, I would be pretty upset at this whole notion.

And $7,000.00 for a party? PLEASE! Tell me why everyone couldn't just get together and bring a covered dish and have a good old time! How many families would the additional $7000.00 have helped.

I know, I didn't go to the meeting either, because I don't live in the city limits, but still, people of Wilmington, think about SHOULD have been there.

Now all of you who have reading retention deficit, which is rampant it seems, I am happy for the employees to receive these bonuses. I simply think the method of dispersement is unfair and the party is a waste of money.


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