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Sorry For You

You sure are judgmental of people and circumstances you don't even know. My $1,000 bonus, which will probably be around $800 after taxes, will go toward my $1,400 property tax bill. There are many people struggling in this economy, so why tear apart a city employee just because they’re struggling too?

I don't smoke, drink, or have the latest 4G iphone, and I don't eat out 2 or 3 times a week. I'm frugal with my money, but kids get sick and need dental work. I'm getting older now, too, and have several medical problems of my own. One of my older sons had to move back home because he got laid off from his job, so I've been trying to help him pay his bills so it won't go against his credit and make it harder for him to get a job.

You must have had a very unhappy childhood to be such a negative person. I really feel sorry for you.


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