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lack of leadership at the very least

At the very least and the best you could assume is that Jayne and his leadership staff (leadership used at the lowest possible level) are deviod of character, can not lead as they do not posses the character required nor example in life to do so. The lack of Farris to then take some leadership roll shows his inability to perform tough decisions, not what the taxpayer and citizen of leland deserves. Now take that to the district attorney that refuses to be the cheif law officer of the county and passes the buck, include the town council, ALL LACK CHARACTER OF LEADERSHIP. All wish someone else to do the hard job they have been paid, voted and agreed to do when sworn in. As a retired service member, I have never seen such a total lack of personal accountability and lack of leadership. Even worse Jayne refuses to see the signs on the road and will not resign, this goes to his intelligence, his believing the good old boy network will clear him of gross lack of trust and confidence of the CITIZENS he is sworn to protect and follow the law. Saw guys like this, they lead by the rank they wear not the character they posses. Jayne, David, Farris spare you citizens further embarassement, take a chance to have some CHARACTER, resign and let us move forward with real service to the GOOD citizens of Leland.


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