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Sad story! Although I don't like to think of someone having to be shot, this thug lost his option for leniency when he walked into the store with a gun pointed. No family member has posted anything about him - how he is a good boy and didn't mean no harm,, but I beg to differ. When he walked into that store with a gun aimed at the clerk, he gave up his right to expect to walk away with the money and no harm done. Perhaps this painful lesson will teach him something and he will come out of it with a different attitude, but if history shows anything, probably not. A thug is a thug and will always be a thug until he turns his life around.

As you can see, the citizens of Wilmington are fed up with the thugs creating havoc and trying to take what is not theirs. Now they are arming themselves and you criminals better beware. Just remember - that store you walk into that has a woman or little old man or lady behind the counter - may not be as easy to take as you think. Grandma may be packing!!!!!!!!


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