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Its Time to Raise the Bar On Punishment for Irresponsible Owners

As the proud parent of 6 dogs (4 pit bulls, 1 great dane and 1 aussie/ border collie)... I believe Tooker should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
- Failure to contain his animals
- Failure to train/socialize/exercise his animals (the most common causes of aggression) and commonly referred to as neglect
- Failure to have adult supervision over his animal 100% of the time

It embarrasses me to claim Pit Bull advocacy when we have pit bull owners like this in our midst. Its no wonder over 75% of our society is in fear of this breed and opts to ban them. What if Lucy was a human child and killed by the two dogs? To the Romano family, I extend our deepest sympathies for your loss. Please do push for more stringent dangerous dog laws in your community, but Please do not hold this blatant act of irresponsibility against ALL Pit Bulls and their owners.

Not a threat, rather... a reality: People like Tooker, beware as people like me steal dogs like yours (and rehab / rehome them) and are gunning for you. You are a sorry excuse for a human and have no business owning any animal or producing off-spring.

Chef David Edelstein
and Team Pit-a-Full
Denver, CO

"Responsibility & Accountability... Ownership, Legislation, Community"


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