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Throughout human history,

Throughout human history, people have been quick to condemn each other without a full gathering of the facts. "IF" the accusations are true, then yes the letter of the law should be followed fully and swiftly. It seems that some of you are quick to administer justice before all information has been gathered or presented, much like the angry mobs of history; the only think you lack are the lynching ropes or pitchforks. Allow the investigators to do their jobs. Allow the man to face the accusations and the courts to come up with a verdict before jumping in line to punch his dance card. Even volunteers are made to go through background checks. If his record had anything remotely damning, his race would not have excused him and secured his position. So before making commments that scream ignorance and a cowardly need for vigilante indignation, collect a few facts and consider the thought that everyone who is accused is not always guilty.


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