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Owning a business my self, I

Owning a business my self, I am armed and I encourage my employees to be armed as well. If someone attempts to rob me with a weapon, they will be met with the same sort of lethal threat they bestow upon me. Its a right we have been given in our country's laws but above all its a human right to protect ourselves.

The store owner is absolutely correct, this low life would not have given him a second chance. Hopefully the next idiot who drives by and thinks he is gonna rob that man's store understands that what ever he wants behind that counter probably is not worth his life.

As for WPD and the chief, I am not fan of WPD period, they are a horribly run operation with many faults and this is not the outlet for them, but thank god he understands the right to defend ones self.

Hopefully this clerk will do the community a favor and press the charges to the fullest extent of the law.

If the local authorities and the DA do not go for the felonies then shame on them, its there job and we elect and entrust them to do there jobs.

Mark, you deserve an award, but next time, aim center mass.


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