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Well, duh.

Over 1,500 arrests nationwide, numerous rapes & assaults, heroin overdoses, heroin & other drug-dealing & possession, child endangerment, filth - absolute filth - everywhere (including defecating on a police car, AND in the middle of a NYC street), 200 lbs of excrement removed from the Occupy Santa Cruz (Calif) site - yes, you read that right; unrepentant domestic terrorist bomb-maker & Obama pal Bill Ayers instructing Occupy Chicago thugs; SEIU & ACORN - both Obama-linked - funding the protesters & even paying people to protest - on & on & on & on. Any comparison to the Tea Party is laughable at best.

Not to mention the tens of millions spent on police, HazMat crews (yes, literally), janitors, etc etc etc - paid for by TAXPAYERS.

Let's not forget the sheer hypocrisy of the Occupiers - because who was & is closely linked to fatcat Wall Street exec's? Obama - it wasn't John McCain. Obama's CoS Bill Daley got a $15 MILLION payout by JPMorgan before going to the White House. GoldmanSachs (employees) gave about $900K to Obama's '08 campaign. In fact Obama's campaign got 3x as much $$$ from Wall Street firms than did McCain's - look it up at

The DEMOCRAT party is the party of Wall Street, NOT the GOP.


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