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@kblue2221984: At first I

@kblue2221984: At first I thought maybe you had a stuttering problem when you were "trying" to be cute when typing "fff ell un." But, now I realize, it's just your ignorance showing. Well, maybe not ignorance, stupidity is probably the better term. Also, just because Joey received stolen goods when he was 16 years old, doesn't mean that "I" have or ever would. The computer I am using is in fact, mine. In which I purchased from Best Buy. Would you like to see a credit card statement ? Since you want to be such a smart ass, why don't I ?? Two can play this game. I am very thankful that you are NOT a teacher. Especially an English teacher ! No telling how stupid our schools would be if you were. Before you try to point out what YOU think is a mistake, you may need to read over what YOU write. I guess you failed to learn that there is a difference in "your" and "you're" (you're: meaning YOU ARE... the correct form you should have used) Also, I am guessing you were too busy criticizing and judging your peers in school instead of learning that you do not capitalized a word in the middle of a sentence unless it's a name. You seemed to have gotten carried away with capitalizing words after a comma. Say’s who ? Say’s A1 !
But back to the argument at hand. I never said what he done was right. He was 100 % WRONG. And yes, he should pull time in prison. He will. Plenty of it. My thoughts were not either expressed clearly enough for you and everyone else to understand, or either your reading comprehension is about as great as Joey’s common sense. I had stated that I didn’t agree with those of you who were saying he should have been killed. He messed up, yet again. But unless he was actually trying to take the life of the clerk, he wouldn’t have needed to be killed. If you would review the video again, you will see that there really wasn’t even a struggle. He approached the clerk and the clerk shot him. No reason for Joey to be put to death. He wasn’t trying to harm the clerk. Just scare him maybe. Now that I have broken it down for you a little more, you can understand it a little more clearly.


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