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Where do you get that I was

Where do you get that I was "sugar coating" his actions ??? Never have I once agreed with what he done. Nor have I tried to take up for his wrong doing. All I have done was defend my opinion when I say he or anyone else does not deserve to be killed. I'm thinking you lack the ability to comprehend what you read. Are you that simple minded or should "I" be asking "you" what form of drug you are on. The next time you view the video, make sure you are sober. It is very clear in the video that he surrendered before he was shot. Also, never once in his priors had he ever been convicted of hurting anyone. You guys act like you are so concerned for the communtiy, but where was your concern when they sent a 16 year old kid to the DOC to grow up. When you watch the video, you are seeing the result of child rearing by the DOC.


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