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Teacher's remarks...

1)But, now I realize,<-----(No comma needed) it's just your ignorance showing.
2)The computer I am using is in fact,<-----(Another poorly place comma.) mine
3)Would you like to see a<-----("the") credit card statement<->? No space needed......
12)I never said what he done was right. LMBO!!!!! This one took the cake stupid person!! Hold up I NEED AIR!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh A dumb dumb correcting my mistakes???! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I NEED AIR!!!!! "what he done"!!!! K lets start over sweetness.....
B)He wasn’t trying to harm the clerk. Just scare him maybe.<------ WOW you are truly ----->ignoranter<------- than I am! I would even sayy you are ignorantest!!! The man walked in a store to scare the man behind the counter? I CAN SEE HOW HE"S YOUR BUDDY! Stupid people come in 3's.
Correct this one moron Your Stupid, You're really Really StUpId!!!! Say's who? Say's the A1 CRUSHING Kblue!


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