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There was no threat made here at all.

The warrant clearly states, "I want to..." it does NOT state, "I'm going to...". "Wanting" to do something isn't a threat. Mrs. Younginer was merely venting her anguish and hurt. A very typical response where cheating, worm-like husbands choose to get their meat where they get their potatoes and throw it in the wifes face like this. Any attorney worth their money will easily have these accusations kicked out of court. The funny thing is that Ms. Lachance just helped establish a case for divorce and property settlement that very likely will not suit the Chief. She would have been much smarter to have kept her ruby red lips shut, but it is quite evident that intelligence isn't the personal attribute that the Chief or his newly found flower can be recognized for. Behavior like this makes the citizens of the town wonder just how many more scumbuckets without integrity are "serving" (or "dipping", as it may be) in town authority.
Bottom line: Nice going lovers! Your actions just set you up for disaster. Felt like teens again,huh? Let's see how you feel in court!


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