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Well, Poodle's are known to

Well, Poodle's are known to be pretty big and vicious themselves..just saying. But you are completely right, I am a 20 year old owner of a 125 lb. blue nose bully pit and she is absolutely loveable. I recently found 7 mutt puppies on the side of a gas station and Raven has been acting as their mother since I brought them home, and she has actually been very gentle with two of my friends newborn children.
Simply put, if you were locked in a cage, beaten, starved, neglected in any way you yourself may become callous and more "Raw". We as humans however have a logical way of thinking and usually this does not happen, but lets not forget about those people who took multiple years of physical and mental abuse (such as that, that a pitbull may endure minus the cage) and some of the crazy and dispicable things they have done such as school shootings. We don't say that all white's, asain's, black's or whatever race/nationality did said tragedy is bad and should not be permitted to live so why should we play god and do so to a defenseless animal?


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