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What exactly is "predatory lending?"

I have taken out many loans in my life. Never once do I recall someone holding a gun to my head and saying, "Sigh da note aw else!"

One of the reasons that you people are a laughingstock is that you parrot meaningless left-wing rhetoric that anyone with a brain KNOWS is crappola! There is no such thing as "predatory lending." There is, however, such a thing as people with lousy credit who take out loans at ridiculously high interest rates because they are so stupid they don't realize that defaulting on the loan will simply screw up their credit even more.

BTW, while your reference to Medicaid is spot on (calling it Socialism) Medicare is a totally different ball of wax. Medicare is a contributory program that is made mandatory by a governmnet that is too inept to realize that it's bankrupting itself playing Santa Claus.

That's not Socialism, that's self-destructive tyranny.

We need to get rid of Medicaid AND Medicare, and get back to making people stand on their own two feet.

That includes you tent-dwelling bums who expect the rest of society to carry your load.


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