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Know your facts...

Heh... I like how the legal issues of a mentally troubled Republican county commissioner lead in to a rant about "Obama and the rest of the left wing". Know your facts before you say anything, lest you simply make yourself look like an idiot (not that you are one or that I am in any way implying that you are). Over the past year, there's been a net growth of 1.7 million jobs in the private sector. Even if the loss of jobs in the public sector are taken into account, there's still a net overall gain of 1.3 million jobs. Do your research and know your facts before you run your mouth and just propagate the stereotype of a loud-mouthed ignorant right-wing nutjob (not that you in any way are that).

Maybe if Brian Berger had done his homework, he'd have had less time to bother that poor woman and wouldn't be finding himself in the predicament he's in at the moment. I sincerely feel bad for the guy. I mean, to be that senseless about what you're doing... and to do it as a public official no less! In true Southern fashion, I think all I can really say is... bless his heart.


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