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Reason for Obamas involvement

the one individual once again brought in the tea party people and as a whole called tea party supporters teabaggers. At that point he opened up Pandoras box by bringing up the tea party as nutjobs. Oh yeah the tea party are nut jobs. At least we're not out camping in filth, raping and stealing from others, committing and making overtly nazi like anti-semitic comments. Yeah The tea party are the nut jobs. The only thing missing on the OWS types is the brown shirts and the swastika. (Try and deny it but the police reports are clear and the anti-semitism is clear from the OWS) you definitely dont hear anybody who is supposedly a 'tea bagger' as you love to refer to some as being racist or anythign other then sick and tired of what BHO has done and the 1.3 million 'created' jobs number is a cooked statistic and a lie propogated by the DOL (I worked 2 yrs as a fed contractor I know what kinda cooked crap they put out). Businesses have even gone as far as to make it very clear as long as Obama is in the WH they arent hiring they cant afford to because of the onerous regulations spurred primarily by Obamacare among other policies. You left wingers sit and defend Obama and he supports OWS but yet is GE not a big corporate entity who oh btw thanks to Obama and his underhanded cronyism allowed GE not to pay a dime in taxes last year. Obama is a hypocrit. He and the deranged ex-speaker Pelosi talk up OWS and their message yet who the hell are they goign to for donations these same "big bad evil corporations" OH and BTW it wasnt Bush and Company that had crap to do with the housing crisis it was Barney Frank and a few others who despite being told in testimony repeatedly something had to be done with Fannie and Freddie they ignored it because of their kickbacks.

As for Berger he was at the meeting with a NHC Sheriff Deputy as an escort to the mtg. I would suggest the whole violation issue will be tossed out. Id dare say if there was a legal issue why would the NHCSO provide a deputy because by doing so the SO was then complicite in the violation or the NHCSO deputy never should have allowed him into the facility or informed him that his presence would constitute a violation as the deputy had to notify dispatch of his location and that he was with Mr Berger. This protection violation is bogus. Not sayign Berger is stable or that he's not making an idiot of himself over the small claims court actions. Quite frankly from what I know of his supposed EX the 2 deserve each other they are both a pair of co-dependant individuals in need of pyschiatric help ultimately


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