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Thank you

You are indeed doing God's work, during these extremely harsh economic times, and I assure you that our areas homeless individuals appreciate it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are times of intense reflection for these folks. Helping to remove the anxiety the poor often experience with securing a meal enables them to concentrate on making their lot in life better.
The generosity of ” giving-up” YOUR family time to 'serve' them instead resonnates strongly with most, many of whom will be experiencing hardships for the first time ever.

There, but for the Grace of God, go I.

We are all only one Obama election away from utter destitution. The 'homeless' whom you served today are unable to sustain because they are dependent on that Socialist government check, that keeps them enslaved. If only the government would QUIT handing out "stipends" to fool some lowly educated people into believing that it comes FREE.

Those SSI checks are the MOST abused by those who decided not to work....long before unemployment reached 10%, which constitutes fraud, blatent corruption, and taxpayer waste.
I am all for drug checks First, instead of SSI checks First.

Meantime, keep up the good work~

Of course, I am not talking about those folks who are genuinely
disabled & unable to work. I am talking about....freeloaders,
smoking the crack, thanks to our "generosity.“ Are we insane?


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