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As critical as I have been of Leland PD lately I have to say

The officers on duty last night earned their pay and then some. Not once, nor twice or even 3 times.. Leland PD was called to Walmart on New Pointe Blvd 6 times!!! (I have to ask the question why there wasnt LEO presence there from the begining as there was in Wilmington at several early store openings (WPD had at least 3-4 officers at Walmart on Sigmon RD which still had a major incident requiring EMS at around midnight and Both NHCSO and WPD were at Best Buy on College keeping things under control.. Ive been a very vocal dissenter on the actions of the Leland PD I know as of late and rightfully so but I feel obligated to thank the poor night shift officers who had to deal with what amounted to insanity run amok with people fighting over trivial things like towels of all things really??? (My wife and I were in Walmart in Leland around 3am to actually pick up a couple legit home needs like milk and few other items and look for a couple things she hadnt been able to find in the chaos at our stop in Wilmington (We'd eaten dinner in town and gone to the movies our first chance in a month due to surgery Id had done). Anyway the store was pretty empty and many of the items that went on sale at 10pm and midnight were still in stock at 3am (including the rare discounted Blue WII for $99 which most Walmarts I suspect sold out in mere minutes.. BUt I digress, Leland PD put up with very thankless behavior from several individuals but from all accounts the overnight officers did their job well and did what needed to be done and without besmerching the name of a department that has been through alot lately (Ive been told by a couple anonymous sources the night officers in fact as a rule (except for maybe 1 or 2 bad apples) are the good ones in the department and work nights simple because they dont have to deal with all the hang wringing and unprofessionalism that seems to permeate the LPD during daylight hours when Chief Jayne is on his throne.


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