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Here we go again!

Here we go with all the locals defending someone charged with a crime and saying how nice the person is, you all sound so naive and ignorant of this world we live in and what people are capable of. Does that make any difference that you know her or she is a nice person? Sure they seem nice, isnt that always the case... doesnt mean a thing when someone is charged with a crime. Instead you should be very happy they are charged and law enforcement is doing its job to keep you and your kids safe!! No matter if you know them or not, they are charged and to defend someone that is charged with a crime and will likely be found guilty is you just laying with the same dogs.
This all sounds soooo familiar after the Pedo middle school teacher lady a few months back that was trying to get up with a young teen boy by texting him a couple hundred times and then even showing up to a staged meet where the boy was supposed to be one day so she could see him. You all remember dont you, the teacher that has a Pender Sherrifs dept. husband that is a grown man? And she still wanted to try to impress and meet and seduce a pre-pubescent teen boy that was one of her middle school students?? Well, lets just remember all the outcry for her innocence then from the local jocals that supposedly knew her soooo well, oh and they all knew she could never have done such a thing. Yet, how surprising it must have been to her backers in the end. yep she found a way to postpone the court date three years from now. She wrote a letter of apology, you dont apoligize for something you didnt do. She aknowledged and plead what she did was a mistake after all... knowing that what SHE DID DO was wrong. Seems like that should have been a lesson learned for you folks that you dont always know somebody. And you make yourselves look just as bad by lying in the same bed as someone charged by standing here defending them once again. The cops are doing there jobs, its not a setup, these people are not framed, they are charged for a legitimate reason. Stop watching too much TV, people dont get framed by law enforcement... especially female school teachers!!!
These stories of the messed up Pender County people are becoming shameful, and female teachers no matter?? Must be downright embarrasing by now to say you live there in Haneyville.


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