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It is about "intelligent" choices, well...

knowing a bit about Pender County and its 'Mayberry RFD' wanna be sophisticated, wholesome able and intelligent. It is backwoods at the very best with both Barney and Bernice Fife for law enforcement. There are in addition to this drug matter a whole myriad of other drug matters past and yet to be discovered at work. Just a couple of years ago they let a drug thief who was employed as a pharmacist at New Hanover go scot-free, even though she admitted in writing to the board of pharmacy about the diversion, while they charged and did capriciously and inappropriately prosecute her husband for a completely unrelated and unsubstantiated alleged 'crime'. It turned out the authorities all the way up the food chain were afraid of potential 'political connections' she had to a known local former mayor's family, if only by a former marriage. It was easier for them to leave her alone, help her accomplish her goal of getting rid of her then husband, and that would keep her happy, quiet and out of their offices. Now, is it right that officials act in this way or fair or even safe that this pharmacist, a 'professional' also entrusted with the public's welfare still practice without even a reprimand? Guess justice really does depend on who one knows. Yes, Ms. Kirkpatrick should have reasonably known what was happening, she had known this man for several years. The police in this area are not that 'lucky' to happen on something like this. I would guess that her long time boyfriend who was well known as a felon had been under surveillance for this very thing. It goes far beyond what we know at this moment, and to say anything other than take these examples as lessons of ones own personal responsibility for ensuring their own and families well-being and not leave it to assumption that people in 'positions' would lead exemplary lives or that Law Enforcement should get some sort of high-five for being on-the-job. There should be no surprise that people are people and not saints without faults. Likewise, people of Pender County need to wake up the fact that it is not 1950 no matter how much they want it to be, take a good look around and demand that its laughable police, courts, district attorney, 'authorities' do what is right and not send up smoke screens while tring to cover-up for some while stickin' it to others.


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