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You still display a perception problem.

"...and quickly sends home those who have committed criminal and other destructive acts."

Do you believe that it would be considered a criminal act to enter into Mexico illegally? YES! Do you believe that it would be considered criminal and destructive to avoid paying your due taxes in Mexico? YES! Do you believe that the Mexican government will allow you to deface their flag in public? Absolutely NOT!!! Do you believe that the Mexican government will allow your daughter to illegally enter their country, birth babies and get free medical care while doing so? Another, absolutely not! Do you have any idea what the Mexican government will do if you are in an accident, without insurance, injure or kill a Mexican citizen all while driving intoxicated? You will never be seen again!

These are all very simple questions and I don't blame the Mexican government for their stance. I do however blame the United States government for NOT enforcing our laws and allowing a geometric progression of illegal, non paying, irresponsible people to utilize the government benefits my tax dollars pay for while they enjoy the free ride.

We have a HUGE mess in this country that should never have occurred in the first place. There is nothing impressive about it, or the costly solutions to resolve it...if it even CAN be resolved.


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