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you nut jobs don't represent

you nut jobs don't represent nothing but a gimme generation. if u represented the 99% THEN WHY ARE THERE ONLY A FEW OF YOU IN WILMINGTON PROTESTING? with 200,000 people in New Hanover, there should be about 198,000 out there with you!!!! u represent only a few all over this country. urinating on things, raping, crimes, unsanitary conditions, nasty, littering, weapon violations and this does not represent me or about the other 99% u claim. get up and go to a job and clean your self up and be respectable and grow the up!!! this guy wasn't a plant, he is one of you and you know it. wish it would snow about 5 feet everywhere you were at and drop to about 20 below zero. then i guess you would hire the HOMELESS to hold up your signs like other OWS ARE DOING!!! to lazy and weak to stay out there. no one will care and no one cares[ the majority anyway] people are sick and tired of you blocking their way to work and blocking the stores that you say you support for employees to get to their jobs and make a living with their business. no common cause at all. just a bunch on yuppies without a cause, using free market enterprise electronics to get your message out while protesting them!!! go home and be with your family and get to work!!!


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