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Better day for Citigroup....

...because now the odds say that they will pay NOTHING, because even the government admits that structuring a case to take to trial is next to impossible...

...and how easy to gloss over the roles played by Bawney Fwank, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton and even Jimmy Carter and his Democratic Congress in forcing banks to lend money to deadbeats or risk punitive intervention by the federal government for "redlining." So easy to forget that Paulsen and his predecessor knew what was about to happen and did nothing.

Also easy to gloss over the fact that the underlying securities their junk represented were guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Oh, but it's all Citigroup's fault! We can't possibly blame one entity, the friggin' incompetent government, for guaranteeing crap, we have to believe that every bank in the world conspired to arrange a near simultaneous collapse in 2008.


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