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Snow in the south. Winter's on its way!

First time in a long time, but I'm back here writing on my blog. Things have been a little crazy around these parts going over a major graphics overhaul. Now that we've figured most things out I have a little bit of extra time to get back on here and write about the most exciting weather we're finding out there today! Right now, we've got it all - rain, wind, snow, and a little cold too.

November Snow in the South?

While we were getting soaked with some heavy rains, our friends in Tennessee had a much different inconvenience this morning. Snow! 

This was how the radar looked this morning with some heavy snow wrapping around the back edge of our major low pressure system. This is the same storm that brought us the rain, but remember - we're on the warmer side of the flow. The back edge of a storm like this in the winter time is always pulling in colder air from the north, and this time it meant business. 

Storm totals from the system look to be in the 3-6" range in parts of Tennessee just east of Memphis. Not something typically seen south of the Mason-Dixon line this early in the season. 

Snows headed our way too! (Well, kinda)

If you're looking for a little bit of snow closer to home, you might be in luck. At least the peaks of North Carolina will get a dusting of white later today and into tonight as this storm system wraps up and heads up the coast.

Snow showers will pepper the mountain-tops with as much as 3-6" of fresh powder for one of the first significant snows of the season. I'm not in charge of the slopes, but you might be able to get a little early season ski-trip in if that's your cup of tea!

First real rain in a while

Finally across our area, we got some steady soaking rains. This storm system brought a good deal of moisture behind the front, but not from individual thunderstorms. Here are some preliminary totals from across the area this morning: 

You can see some places, especially farther west, picked up well over an inch. Outside of a violent severe thunderstorm that put down over 1.6" of rain on November 4th (which mostly went away as runoff), this is the most rain seen in a steady fashion in well over a month across the area. Certainly can't hurt us in the long haul, as we entered the day on an 11" deficit for the season. 

Here comes the cold

So far this year, whenever it's gotten cold, the warmth has been right there to come to the rescue. Not so much the case this time, or at least not as fast. 

We'll see highs in the 50's for most of the week with overnight lows in the 30's. It's not until the weekend when some relatively warmer air will start to get back into the picture and we stand a chance at breaking 60 again. 

The funny part about this time of year is usually if you want to warm up, you need a cold front. That's right, a cold front. The reason being, out ahead of a strong cold front you'll bring in warmer southerly breezes that will pump some relative heat into the region.

Our next cold front looks to swing into the area on Monday. So, if I'm a betting man - I'm thinking we have a shot at getting into the 70's range both Sunday and Monday. We'll see how it goes!

That's all for now! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Don't forget you can get updates all the time of my Facebook page:

- TB


By: Tim Buckley


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