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Camping Is Not a Right

(prob get flamed by the lefties for this)
I'm sick of hearing all the occupy (insert city name here) groups saying their Constitutional Rights/ Freedom of Speach & Assembly are being violated by not being allowed to camp on public property that has been designated as parks or public spaces. The Constitution only states that citizens have the right to gather in protest and/ or speak out against the government. That the Congress shall make no laws abridging those rights.
All the impacted cities have rules for said parks and public spaces and those rules were put in place long before the occupiers came along. The simple fact that cities allowed these groups to be there does not give them the right to stay there, sleep there and/ or prevent others to use said space. Which, by the simple fact they are camping there prevents others from using those spaces. Therefor these groups are stomping on the rights of others to use property paid for and maintained by fellow citizen's tax dollars and. (GASP) the donations of businesses.
As far as the dude being arrested:
The simple fact that he refused an order from a duly sworn in officer of the law - paid for by ALL taxpayers to protect ALL taxpayers - and refused to leave made him guilty of resisting arrest.
So, follow the rules, stop the partying (that's aimed at the larger groups who bring in DJs and bands) stop screaming that your rights are bring violated and just maybe you might be taken seriously.


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